Our History


STRAUSAK was started as a mechanical repair shop in 1923 but quickly grew to be an accessory manufacturer for machine tools and produced its first complete machine in 1927 to serve the watch making industry.

Then in 1932, Strausak exported its first machine, thus setting an important milestone in the company’s history. Encouraged by this growing success, STRAUSAK continued to develop and refine a variety of high-precision production machines for the automated manufacture of watch parts. This was a very inventive period at the company which resulted in a patented pivot-burnishing machine in 1951 as well as a patented gear-hobbing machine in 1963. Innovative technical concepts allowed these machines to stay far ahead of their competition and they continue to occupy a leading role in today’s worldwide market of watch manufacturing.

In an effort to mitigate the frequent fluctuations of the watch industry, STRAUSAK decided to diversify its product range in the early 1970’s. With the manufacture of cam milling and grinding machines equipped with NC controls, the company acquired early experience with CNC technology and quickly gained popularity as a serious partner in the grinding world. During this same period, STRAUSAK developed its first universal tool-grinding machines fitted with CNC controls and continued to improve on the technology – which began as a simple 2-axis control and evolved to more complex 5-axis controls by the early 1980’s.

From 1980 to 1988 STRAUSAK engineered several machines for special applications, expanding its market to fine milling and grinding of complex parts for the textile, electronics and carbide-tipped tool industries.

In 1990 STRAUSAK developed an entirely new machine for cutting tool manufacturing and resharpening equipped with a NUM control, which integrates the NUMROTO programming software. To further distinguish this new model from previous machines, STRAUSAK decided for the first time to outsource the conception and design process. The result was the FLEXIMAT – a name which exemplified the machine’s flexibility. This new model met with immediate success and is still regarded by many as a benchmark for flexibility and productivity in the manufacture of cutting tools.

Today, STRAUSAK is a subsidiary of ROLLOMATIC HOLDING SA, and continues to build innovative grinding machines. In 2012 STRAUSAK will present the U-GRIND, a new tool grinding center equipped with the latest generation of NUM CNC control, the FLEXIUM. This new model offers an integrated, automatic wheel changer for (6) HSK50 wheel arbors to further enable its users to grind the most complex tools. High precision and indisputable quality have always been key elements for a STRAUSAK machine and these same values will continue to drive the company forward into the future.