Our brand story

Manufacturing is, in many ways, a mirror of evolving consumer patterns and trends. In many sectors, consumers expect new products to be made faster, closer and more tailored to their tastes.

Consequently, producers have to deal with shorter lead times, shorter production runs, and more product customization. This requires a level of flexibility and adaptability on a production line that can be hard to implement.

Conversely, automation and the rise of connected manufacturing have also affected production lines. Considerable productivity gains are often offset by added complexity.

All things considered, maintaining a competitive manufacturing operation appears considerably more difficult today than 15 or even 5 years ago, and reconciling these opposing trends feels like an impossible task.

Not so for Strausak.

Specializing in the production of grinding equipment, Strausak represents the way forward for adaptive manufacturing

Designed for precision and accessibility, Strausak machines help their owners adapt to unpredictable production demands.

Their modular design and connectivity allow for easy maintenance, upgrade or repairs, ensuring reliability and efficiency over time. This engineering feat rests on over a century of Swiss manufacturing experience.

From the beginnings of mechanized industry to industry 4.0, Strausak has steadily built up a unique know-how, and a global team of professionals ready to assist their customers at any time, whether it concerns machine maintenance or product design.

Manufacturing will continue to change and evolve, creating new challenges for producers.

And while Strausak machines will also evolve, constantly adapting to meet new requirements and standards, they will be able to retain the simplicity, flexibility and reliability that have come to define the brand.

Strausak AG

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Strausak Ltd.

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