The new


Adapted to the unpredictable

Next-generation CNC tool grinder designed for small batches, special for resharpening

Smart design

The STRAUSAK ONE is the ultimate 5-axis CNC-tool grinder for high quality production or resharpening of cutting tools.

  • full direct drive axes
  • actively cooled cast iron frame
  • compact footprint
  • outstanding ergonomics
  • powerful spindles
  • integrated automation

Wide Application range

The high versatility provided by the large selection of equipment allows for the efficient grinding of a large variety of tools

  • efficient up to Ø32mm
  • production or resharpening
  • HSS, carbide, or ceramic
Easy programming with

NUMROTO is the preferred solution
for tool programming for more than 25 years.

  • unlimited programming possibilities
  • accurate 3D simulation
  • reliable performance prediction

Key Features

Best Ergonomics

Setup times are reduced to their minimum thanks to the unmatched access to the embedded equipment.

  • large door access
  • easy to reach components
  • adjustable operating panel
  • mobile machine pendant control

Big achievement in a small footprint

Modern workshops need flexibility, efficient floor space use, lean processes, short setups, and small machines.

However, compactness will not impact capacity.

  • fluting length up to 425 mm (16.73”)
  • cylindrical grinding up to Ø170 mm (6.7”)
  • 24 kW (32 HP) spindle
  • integrated tool loader
  • integrated wheel changer

Perfect finish at high accuracy

Full direct drive on all 5 axes for unique performance and reliability.

  • outstanding surface quality
  • accurate path control
  • fast positioning
  • fast wheel and tool changes
  • no wear, no backlash

Modular equipment upgrades

When the needs change, the equipment has to adapt.

Robot loader

  • Add an integrated pickup or robot loader to enhance your productivity

Wheel magazine

  • Integrate higher wheel capacity to allow for more flexibility

Pallet magazines

  • Add an automatic pallet magazine to grant more autonomy



Workpiece Spindle
Clamping / Unclamping pneumatic
Attachment ISO 50 (SK 50)


Linear Axes
Rapid feedrate 30 m/min
Acceleration 5 m/s 2
Resolution 0.00001 mm


Grinding Spindle
Attachment HSK 63F (HSK 50E)
SMax. speed 12 000 min -1
Power (S1) 10 (24) kW 14 (32) HP
Torque (S1) 12 (28) Nm 9 (21) ft-lbs
Grinding wheel  Ø 150 mm 6’’


Type NUM Flexium+
Software NUMROTOplus



Grinding Capacity
Max. tool Ø (production) 32 mm 1.26’’
Max. tool Ø (resharpening) 170 mm 6.70’’
Max. tool length 700 mm 19.70’’
Max. fluting length 425 mm 16.73’’


Rotary Axes
B-axis range 340°
C-axis range
C-axis rotation speed 2 000 min -1
Resolution ± 0.002 °



Dimensions 1,7 x 1,7 x 2,0 m
(L x W x H)  67’’ x 67’’ x 79’’
Weight 3 700 kg 8,140 lbs


Wheel Changer
Capacity 4x (8x / 12x)
Attachment HSK 63F (HSK 50E)

Typical Applications

Strausak AG

Solothurn road 136
2504 Biel/Bienne

North America
Strausak Inc.

1295 Armour Blvd.
Mundelein, IL 60060

Strausak Ltd.

No. 12-3, Zhuangqian Rd.,
Shengang Dist.,
Taichung City 42951